Time...in its ever forward motion...leaves you to be swallowed in its wake should you allow it.  It can be unforgiving, it is unyielding, and it's steadfast in its determination to just. keep. going.

Time can break you, bend you, shape you, and mold you.  It can heal you, build you and renew you in equal measure. What will you allow time to do to you? I choose renew.  Renewal of my spirit.  Recharging of my soul.  

Time won't stop for me to smell the roses...but I'm going to smell them anyway.  It won't wait for me while I walk in the warm, Arizona sun...but walk I will.  It won't freeze the faces of my babies as they continue to grow and change...so I will drink them in with unabashed greed.  I won't be swept away in the current.  I will learn to ride it.

Time is coming for us all, but life is calling.  How will you answer?

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