You've worked hard to be able to confidently show up and express yourself without fear of judgment.  You have a story to tell.  

I am right there with you.  I'm Shannon, the owner and maker behind Dancing Dragonfly Studio.  Having lived enough life to proudly own my scars, and confidently show them to the world, my inspiration stems from those experiences.  I blend that with my love of the outdoors...the place that reminds me to always be grounded...connected to what matters most.

Expressing myself through jewelry began when my youngest child was a baby.  I began by hand stamping sterling discs for family and friends.  Feeling a stirring in my soul, I sought more. Raised in a home where its inhabitants' hands were calloused and accustomed to laboring for a living, I earned an early respect for hard work, and an appreciation for something built by hand.  Through lots of trial and error...and a few tears...I taught myself the art of silver smithing.

With each piece I create, I know deep in my bones that you're there, waiting to tell your story amongst this beautiful, messy life. I hope that one of my pieces allows you to beautifully share that part of yourself.


I create one of a kind, quality, hand-crafted jewelry using ethically-sourced, precious materials for the strong woman with a story to tell.  My deepest hope is that my work inspires you to boldly live as the most authentic version of yourself.


I believe in...

Family.  Love.  Hard-work.  Deep, down, belly-laughs...and tacos


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