• Come See Me at Jackalope Art Fair!

    This weekend you can find me at Jackalope Art Fair in Phoenix.  It will take place both Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm at Steele Indian School Park.  

    If you've never met the face behind the creations, I'd love for you to stop and say hello.  If you have met me...come say hi anyway ;)  There will be over 100 vendors selling all handmade goods.

    Supporting handmade artists is not only a great way to help your own community, but it's a way to find unique and one of a kind things that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

    Can't wait!  Hope to see your smiling faces.


    Shine on,


    Posted by Shannon Karczewski
  • I Am Here

    Swirling. Tossing. Bending. Nearly breaking. Getting up. Dusting off. Moving on.

    It seems a cycle never ending. It's the last bit that matters most. Get up. Dust off. Move on.

    Should someone peer into my mind and try to make their own sense of my thoughts, surely they'd be swallowed whole. Surely they would sink in my chaos. But this chaos is mine. These thoughts are mine. They tear me down, and they build me back up. Through it all, I'm here. I get up. I dust off. I move on.

    I'm here. I'm just where I need to be. Ever learning. Ever seeking more. Ever yearning for the strings of my heart to connect to those of another. Will it be you?  Will you recognize something of yourself if what I'm putting out there? If not yet, maybe one day. There will be a day when my voice is loud enough to be heard.  When the strings of your heart recognize mine. When we connect.  When we will be gently tethered to one another as we walk our own chaotic paths.

    Until then...I am here, and it's just where I need to be.


    Love the journey.


    Shine on,


    Posted by Shannon Karczewski
  • Renew

    Time...in its ever forward motion...leaves you to be swallowed in its wake should you allow it.  It can be unforgiving, it is unyielding, and it's steadfast in its determination to just. keep. going.

    Time can break you, bend you, shape you, and mold you.  It can heal you, build you and renew you in equal measure. What will you allow time to do to you? I choose renew.  Renewal of my spirit.  Recharging of my soul.  

    Time won't stop for me to smell the roses...but I'm going to smell them anyway.  It won't wait for me while I walk in the warm, Arizona sun...but walk I will.  It won't freeze the faces of my babies as they continue to grow and change...so I will drink them in with unabashed greed.  I won't be swept away in the current.  I will learn to ride it.

    Time is coming for us all, but life is calling.  How will you answer?

    Posted by Shannon Karczewski
  • Redesign!

    Dancing Dragonfly Studio just received an overhaul to its look!

    I'm super excited about the change. It's one that better reflects the style of jewelry offered, and my personal preferences.

    Happily, it is done just in time for the holidays!  Have a look around and let me know what you think!




    Posted by Shannon Karczewski
  • Thank Goodness for Fridays and Dogs

    It's Friday!  The day most of us work toward all week long.  

    For me, Friday is especially great because it means no school lunches to pack tonight, no homework to check, no studying for tests, no repeating for the 100th time "8x4 is 32."  But it does not mean it's the end of my work week.  Fortunately, I happen to love what I do.

    Oh...and sometimes I torture my poor dog, Finnegan.  He's an Irish Water Spaniel, and as you can see here, he LOVES when I make him do ridiculous things...like wear a new necklace I've made. 

    Happy Friday!

    Shine On,


    Posted by Shannon Karczewski