Natural Carico Lake and Sterling Silver Cuff

Dancing Dragonfly Studio

Handmade, heavy duty cuff.  This beauty is a beast.  

Natural Carico Lake Turquoise set in fine silver. Sterling silver beaded accents surrounding the stone.  The cuff has beautiful hand stamped detail as well as hand sawn, hand stamped bull skull accents. 

Inside reads "defy your limits"

Measures 6" from end to end and has a 1" opening.

Be sure to roll the cuff on and off around your wrist. Bending it will distort the shape.

100% made by hand with heart.

This is a true one of a kind piece which I will never repeat. 

**IMPORTANT** do not bend open and closed.  You will weaken, and eventually break the silver. Press one end into soft middle under wrist and roll over the top to put on.


$ 475.00
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