Malachite/Crysocholla Dragonfly Cuff

Dancing Dragonfly Studio


Genuine and natural, malachite/crysocholla stone paired with a thick sterling silver cuff. 100% handmade: sawed, soldered, hand-stamp detail all done by me. Cuff ends feature tiny, dragonflies which were also hand-sawed.

The cuff measures approximately 5"around and has a 1.25" gap 

**please note** when putting on a cuff, place one end on the soft, middle, underside of your wrist and roll the cuff over and around.  Do not bend the cuff open and closed repeatedly or this will cause metal fatigue and it will break

The Story:

I’ve had a thing for dragonflies for as long as I can remember. They’re such beautiful, little creatures, with their jewel toned bodies and intricately, delicate wings. And no matter what culture you look to, dragonflies always seem represent change and transformation.

And isn’t that what we’re all doing all the time? Changing…transforming…becoming another version of ourselves? Man…life can be so hard. What if we embraced that? What if we knew deep down that we were constantly being refined, changed…transformed? We are. What each of us becomes…well that’s entirely up to us.

As Always:

Made 100% by hand, with all of my heart

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