Watch Me Fly Feather Cuff Bracelet -M/L

Dancing Dragonfly Studio

This cuff was fashioned after a feather. It's meant to serve as a source of personal strength as you push toward dreams that have you facing change, challenge and growth.

Made entirely of sterling silver, and darkened to show the hand-stamped feather detail.  The inner message reads "watch me fly."


Please note that a cuff should never be pulled open and closed since that will weaken, and eventually break, your precious piece.  Press one end into the soft middle of your inner wrist and roll it over. If needed, gently squeeze to form to your wrist.


For the dreamers who dream...despite the odds...despite the naysayers...despite the self-doubt. For those who muster the courage to run when others say “walk.” For those who can look at someone trying to hold them down and have the strength to say “watch me fly.”

$ 87.50
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