Beautifully Flawed, Ocean Jasper Ring -Size 8

Dancing Dragonfly Studio

This amazing ocean jasper stone combines a gorgeous yellowy-gold and olive green pattern.  Accented by a hand-fabricated flower that has a touch of genuine rose gold at its center.  The wide sterling band is stamped with a vine pattern, and the inner band reads "beautifully flawed."


Flaws. Scars. Imperfections. Blemishes. Supposed little, unattractive aspects of ourselves. All lies we’ve somehow been programmed to believe. Uniqueness, individuality, earned victories, originality. All the truth of what our flaws really are. Embrace them. They’re part of what separates us from the herd. Part of what those who know us best truly love. No one is without them. We are all beautifully flawed.


100% made by hand with heart


$ 150.00
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